About Us
Your moment in the city
Cinnamon Life Integrated Resort is a true icon in the city, connecting people with experiences, stories with a voice and a platform to craft your own journey.

We’re located on the beautiful waterfront of Beira Lake, at the heart of the Central Business District, where you can feel the pulsating energy of the city around us.

Our Integrated Resort offers meetings and events spaces, wedding venues, an assortment of contemporary guestrooms and suites, dining, entertainment hubs and so much more. We merge old and new Colombo to bring you a place to connect and share moments that make life great.
As you create your own experiences with us, don’t forget to discover the gems in the city. Explore our artistic community, delight in gastronomic experiences, and enjoy a vibrant nightlife with us. Unleash your spirit of adventure with Cinnamon Life Integrated Resort.