Creative expression plays an all important role in bringing life to many different art forms. Each of these are unique to one another and through these many mediums, art has a beautiful way of connecting communities and bringing people together. When creativity infuses with the community, it has great potential to inspire and reach a wider audience whilst conveying important life lessons through the lens of art.

At Cinnamon Life Integrated Resort, our vision is to reach out to as many communities in Sri Lanka as possible and empower them along the way. As a first step, we decided to engage the artistic community in Sri Lanka by collaborating with Saskia Fernando Gallery with the objective of showcasing Sri Lankan contemporary art to a global audience.

Located in the heart of Colombo, Saskia Fernando Gallery is one of the premier art galleries in the country. Founded by Saskia Fernando in 2009, the gallery specializes in contemporary Sri Lankan art and showcases the work of artists based in or originating from Sri Lanka. The gallery was the first to represent contemporary Sri Lankan art internationally and has showcased projects in London, Singapore, Dubai, Los Angeles and New Delhi.

Through the years, Saskia Fernando Gallery has been dedicated to strengthening the local art scene and representing many local artists, providing them with a space to showcase their work. The gallery has been committed to presenting the myriad dialogues and developments in visual art practice within the island as well as participating in the regional dialogue by bringing Sri Lankan contemporary art to the forefront.

Through the collaboration with Saskia Fernando Gallery, Cinnamon Life Integrated Resort hopes to work closely with sixteen established and upcoming artists. These sixteen commissioned pieces will be displayed at public locations throughout Cinnamon Life Integrated Resort premises, thereby supporting each of these artists and giving their work the limelight it deserves.

This collaboration with the creative community is an all encompassing celebration of art whilst bringing originality to life. By getting sixteen artists on board, Cinnamon Life Integrated Resort hopes to showcase a plethora of different perspectives of life through each of their artistic lenses and celebrate their creativity in the process.