Nestled in the urban heart of Sri Lanka, Cinnamon Life is the epitome of luxury found right here in Colombo. Cinnamon Life Integrated Resort is a lifestyle complex that provides a multitude of experiences under one roof. It encompasses two residential towers, retail and entertainment complex and an office tower that is surrounded by pulsating energy and urban greenery, creating a city within a city.

The story behind the architecture of Cinnamon Life is world-class and truly one of a kind. Designed and brought to life by world renowned engineer, architect, designer and artist, Cecil Balmond, this building complex exudes a theatrical sensation even at a glance. The infusion of futuristic and contemporary elements, surely births a new era of architecture in Sri Lanka.

This architectural masterpiece features bold geometrics and futuristic projections, paired with a hint of Sri Lankan historic and cultural elements. These are known to be powerful dynamics in the world of architecture. The backdrop infuses scalloped formations, which blends in romantic and natural feels as it reflects the Beira Lake, whilst also formulating the look and feel of skyscrapers. Along with it, the spectacular curved roof that has been crafted on the retail centre is the first of its kind in Sri Lanka and the entire region.

Along with the utilization of modernism, Balmond brings inspiration from historical architecture to celebrate the beauty and glory of the island nation. A mix of functionalism and aspirational elements of looking out towards the lake, is almost like a guard stone to the city of Colombo. This is reminiscent of the moon stone and guard stone, along with the curved stupas from the ancient city of Polonnaruwa. Along with it, the serenity of the Buddhist eight-fold symbol and the cosmic dancer, Nataraja, inspired the main vertical backdrop and part of the dynamic counterbalance. The significance played by these historic and cultural elements brings homage to Sri Lanka and its advanced craftsmanship and intricacies displayed during the early days.

All in all, Cinnamon Life Integrated Resort exudes contemporary luxury at its best and takes Sri Lankan architecture to the next level.