Tea Banquets with Three Michelin Star Chef Jason Atherton


What are the details?

Chef Jason will be cooking his meal on the 13th of August 2017 at the Cinnamon Grand Hotel Atrium. He, along with his two Sous Chefs, will be cooking every single course.

• A cocktail and wine reception
• 5 courses plus wine
• A tea pairing menu with every course
• A Q&A session with the Chef, understanding how he approached his menu and what teas he utilized to bring it to life

Who is Jason Atherton?

Jason Atherton is a three Michelin starred Chef and has been building his culinary empire since opening his first restaurant, Table No.1 in 2010. He has now accumulated a plethora of awards that celebrate his prowess in the kitchen at his numerous restaurants. His ethos follows well-sourced, fresh ingredients that are combined with technical accuracy to produce taste sensations. His restaurants vary from casual, comforting diners to fine-dining, Michelin star restaurants, all with wonderful success.
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