West End Theatre Camp by Cinnamon

Standing ovations, monologues, fun costumes and the chance to learn from international theatre pros – the West End Theatre Camp will help children take to the stage with renewed zest and confidence. Conducted by three renowned theatre personalities, including the highly acclaimed international director and choreographer Jonny Bowles; associate director, choreographer and acting coach John Scott Clark; and musical director and vocal coach Michael Bradley, this programme will enable children to learn the fundamentals of theatre and drama so they can unleash the star within.
By encouraging artistic expression, communication skills and patience, whilst teaching key aspects of theatre such as the dynamics of stage management, stage presence and voice projection, this edutainment programme will help your child to become a budding young theatre buff.
Whether it’s stepping into the shoes of a narrator, a villain, a hero, a member of the chorus or even a central character, this fun camp is designed to help children hone their performance skills whilst igniting a passion for the arts within them and giving them the tools that they need to become well-rounded individuals.
Date: 4th – 8th August
Venue: TBC
Time period: 5 day and 1 day sessions
Age categories: 6 to 12 years & 13 to 18 years